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  3. Pasumai Energy Systems Pvt Ltd.,
    Dedicated for Industrial Solar System
  4. AA Automations
    Makes your life Automic
    Residential (Home) Automation
    Commercial Automation (Business)
    Industrial Automations
  5. Fortune Technologies
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    Home - Commercial &
    Residential Solar Systems
  6. Where ever you may be
    we make your life automatic
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Industrial Solar System

Our Industrial Solar System Management

We deal with all type of Solar Power Generation and Infrastructures for every type of Industries.

★ Solar Power Generation Systems
★ Solar Water Heating Systems
★ Air Source Water Heat Pump
★ Water Treatment Plants
★ Environmental Solutions
★ Power Control Systems
★ Solar System Analysis
★ Solar Structural Designs
★ Solar Structural Fabrication
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List of our Websites

1. Main Portal : which has 3 divisions and companies indicates its different functionalities with product stores.

2. Pasumai Energy Private Ltd.,: dedicated for Industrial type solar system and Management serves to any type of Industries.

3. Fortune Technoligies: dedicated only for Residential and Commercial Solar System installation and Management. It also deals with Solar friendly batteries and Solar system Products

4. AA Automations : purely dedicated for Residential, Commercial, Industrial Automation systems and Automation products.

5. Solar & Automation Store Buy or Deal with Solar System Products and Automation Products and services.

Residential / Commercial Solar System

Home Solar Systems and Maintenance

We deliver all need of Solar requirements to residential and commercial Systems

★ Solar Panel fixing
★ Solar Water heaters
★ Solar friendly Batteries
★ Solar System Installation
★ Solar system service and Maintenance

Land Mark / Office

AA Automations

Fortune Technologies

Pasumai Energy Systems Pvt Ltd.

4 / 165 Srinivasaa Complex
1st Foor, Ram Nagar,
Swarnapuri, Salem - 636004
Tamilnadu State, INDIA.

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Landline - 0427 - 40 51 313

Mobile1 - 96 98 08 50 00

Mobile2 - 95 97 23 31 00

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Residential / Industrial Automation

Make your life Easy with Automations

• Build your Smart Home
• Build your Smart Business
• Build your Smart Industry

Types of Automations

• Wifi Controlled Automation
• Mobile Controlled Automation
• Bluetooth Controlled Automation
• Smart Display controlled Home
• Sensor Controlled Automation

For Home Automation [Residential / commercial]

★ Automatic Doors and Door Stations
★ Automatic Home Theatres - Watch / Listen Anywhere
★ Automatic Power Control
★ Automatic AV Control
★ Automatic Camera Control with Security & Surveillance
★ Automatic Lighting and Power Saving
★ Automatic Car Parking Management
★ Automatic Air cooler and Air Conditioner Management
★ Automatic Washing Machine control
★ Automatic Dish Wash Control
★ Automatic Wifi - Internet Services
★ Automatic Water tank Controller

Industrial Automation

★ Automized Motion Control
★ Automized Power Controls
★ Automized Sensors Controls
★ Automized Communication/Networking
★ Automized Human Machine Interfaces
★ Automized Process Controls
★ Automatic Heaters
★ Automatic Motor Controls
★ Automatic Chart Recorder
★ Automized Safety Devices

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